Sunday, January 11, 2015

Back in the Saddle

Sorry for the long delay folks. Ol' Guy has had a pretty tumultuous couple of months that has kept me from my favorite past time of writing about our favorite goose-stepping purveyors of anti justice. We're gonna get this thing cranked back up.

I'd like to start by filling you in a little bit about the job loss fiasco that threw everything in a blender for a while. Now this doesn't have anything to do with my typical cop talk but you will see how it fits in the box at the end. Plus, my former boss likes to creep around on my blog (Google analytics are a wonderful thing) so this should be some fun.

I'm not going to name any names or put any information out there that could be tied back to my former employer. I'm not in the mood to deal with the frivolous lawsuit that I'm sure would head my way if I did. But like I've said before, it doesn't matter who has the power or the money, if you're righteous in your actions and take the proper precautions, the universe has a way of making things right in the end.

Let us journey into simile land and see if we can connect the dots.

I worked for a company owned by a couple. I was in a management position and things appeared to be going swimmingly until a personality conflict arose and a confrontation was had between me and one of the owners. Now this wasn't a serious blow up, at least by my standards. Just a realigning of personal and professional boundaries. Meetings were held the next day, with owner 2 agreeing with my points and I was assured it was water under the bridge.

My spidey senses said otherwise.

Over the next 10 days or so, Boss 2's attitude became increasingly confrontational and unreasonable towards me. Vague direction, conflicting orders, etc, etc. Hell, I was told to take a day off after an 8 day work marathon, then was called and questioned why I wasn't at work. I might as well as worked at Milton Bradley with the amount of fuck fuck games directed my way.

This culminated with an incredibly unprofessional email sent to me filled with personal attacks, including an accusation I was lying about a family emergency that had occurred. It was glaringly apparent the time for a sit down was in order.

A sit down took place with a long talk with Boss 2, and a separate meeting with Boss 1 afterwards. I was once again assured everything was hunky dory and it had all been miscommunication. But those damn spidey senses of mine would not turn off. It wasn't until I returned to my office after the meetings that I learned the extremely personal email had been disseminated throughout the company.

Houston, we have a problem.

The next morning I went to Boss 2 and confronted him on the incident. Boss 2 became defensive, dismissive, agitated, and confrontational. What Boss 2 failed to take into account is the 2000 hours of specialized training I have in detecting deception, interviews and interrogations, threat assessment, psychological profiles, personality patterns and disorders, etc, etc. I hold certifications not only through the state, but through the FBI, DOJ, and NCIS as well. Agencies around the country could use the conversation we had to bookmark proper interview techniques and the A-typical responses given by a deceptive individual. It was beautiful. The meeting ended with him apologizing for his actions, after being caught in multiple lies, and assuring me that he would do everything in his power to make things right.

Boss 1 called and fired me over the phone the next morning.

Good thing I had seen this coming. Like a good jarhead, I already had contingency plans made. I advised Boss1 that I would be filing for unemployment seeing as I had been fired without cause and would have to move approximately 1500 miles, back to my old stomping grounds. I also requested the mandatory 30 day window to move out of the house (which was part of my employment package). I told them as long as they did what was right by me, I would disappear with a whimper never to be heard from again. If not, I had a contingency for that party as well.

I was moved cross country within 3 weeks. Even though there had been some rather childish outbursts and personal attacks on social media by Boss2, I let it go. No sense in resorting to that level. I've dealt with dramatically worse in my life, baseless attacks don't keep me up at night.

About a month later I received a phone call from the state unemployment investigator. Apparently my old bosses, who assured me things would go smoothly, had filed a response/appeal to my unemployment request. In the response, accusations were made that I verbally and physically threatened Boss2 in our final meeting. Apparently I had cursed him up and down the street and gone completely Jerry Springer on him.

Well this is bad. What ever shall I do? Its two against one...It's their word against mine.... How ever will I deal with this? Now I know how falsely accused victims of the police state feel. Oh woe is me... *sobbing uncontrollably*


Remember all those hours of training I talked about? I began doing a personality profile on both of them the minute I started working with them. Hell, I do it to just about every person I meet, habit I suppose. I saw this thing going off the rails long before any disagreements or confrontations occurred.

Unfortunately for my former bosses, I began documenting all our interactions after the initial conflict. All text messages, all phone calls, and all emails had been preserved. But I've saved the best for last... you recall all those meetings we had? How about the final meeting in question where I allegedly threatened to assault my boss? Every one of them had been audio recorded in crystal clear hi definition. The recordings proved quite the opposite of their official statement.

The investigator was speechless. All the T's had been crossed and i's dotted. I put dirty cops in jail for decades of their lives, you think this was a problem for me?

I suppose the bosses had missed the fine print in the states unemployment laws that makes it a felony to lie on an official affidavit. But alas, as much as I wanted to prove a point to these two fine upstanding citizens, my conscious wouldn't allow me to send two more people to a tax payer funded cage. I could've gone scorched earth and taken everything from them, but I do my best not to feed the ego I work so hard to dissolve. I believe in karma, and karma will always right the wrongs, in this life or the next.

I advised the investigator I did not want the case pursued, though they were itching to pounce. I was told to recontact them if I changed my mind.

So, maybe you're asking yourself  what the hell does this have to do with police misconduct? Well my dear reader, if you cant see the parallels with this story and how to protect yourself from an unethical police encounter, I'm going to advise you to go back to your coloring books and lay off the Elmers glue, as tasty as it is.

If I've said it once, I've said it a million times... Record, Record, Record. This incident was minor and petty, but I took the proper precautions to protect myself. Imagine if you were facing years in prison over the false statements of a serial C student with a magical costume.

And to my ex bosses, who I'm sure will read this.....