Saturday, August 16, 2014

Purple Haze- Anarchy in Ferguson

An armed society is a polite society.

I've seen pictures like the one above everywhere this morning. People are losing their minds over the lack of response from the police to quell the looting last night. The horror of armed people protected their property with weapons, while fully adhering to the non aggression principle.

I  call this progress.

Although someone needs to teach this guy the basics of weapons handling. The Call of Duty pose is not conducive to a stable firing platform.

You are watching the system completely fall apart.

The cops only have two options.

They can confront the looters. This would undoubtedly required the use of force much like we saw the first few nights. I'm sure it would be toned down from the all out military dog and pony show Ferguson PD put on. But it would still require riot cops with shields, batons and more gas.

This option only breeds more violence, more rioting and more looting.

Option two, which the state troopers chose, was to sit back. Keep a loose perimeter, make sure it doesn't get too out of hand. Don't risk lives for property.

They will only take this stance for so long. If the looting continues, they will eventually move in.

This will start the cycle all over again.

Government cannot solve this problem. Only the community can.
Level headed leaders from the local neighborhoods need to organize.
Absolutely NO politicians.

Come together and protect your communities.

The moral high ground is with the cause but the antics of a few are drowning out the message. It's giving them a way to spin the situation.

They are counting on this community to fail.  That they wont be able to control their own. This will give them the reason to eventually move in with force, again.

This will be the end of the cause. Their narrative of lawless thugs will prevail.

The community must realize that government IS the problem. You can't protest the police using force then, in the same breath, denounce them when they don't use that force to protect YOUR business.

This is a case study on Voluntyrism.

The residents of Ferguson are all anarchists now.
They just don't know it yet.

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