Thursday, August 7, 2014

Sabotage- 3 common cop personalities

Would you like a daily reminder just how completely and utterly fucked the law enforcement culture is in this country? Well, you're in luck because one needs look no further than the multiple pro law enforcement websites and forums floating around the web. The comments sections are teaming with some of the most vile, hateful, and ignorant statements you will find. If you suffer from high blood pressure or prone to fits of rage, I wouldn't recommend it.

I decided to head over to one of my favorite pro blowing childrens faces off with flashbangs sites today. Within 3 minutes I had read enough to make me optimistic about the end of the human race. I decided to bring the top three I read over here and have some fun. 

A little context, these came from an article discussing a local sheriffs pissing contest with the federal Bureau of Land Management (BLM). The same guys that about got their asses shot a few months back by a bunch of pissed off ranchers.

If the BLM is in control of the land, their rules apply. Period. Nixon would be proud. Too bad if the Sheriff or other law enf don't like the laws. How dare a constitutionally elected sheriff defy the omnipotent bureaucracy. Fed Law tops local/state law. Obviously a Harvard law graduate If people don't like the BLM laws/rules, don't visit or go onto the land. If you dont like the bully, find another playground, preferably in Somalia. The problem with this country is everybody wants to do their own thing. Oh the horror!!!!!!! MUH FREEDOM!!!!!!!!

I know a lot of people like the guy who wrote this. This is the guy who will kill you over a plant, waving an American flag. He talks of protecting peoples rights while being the antithesis of those rights. He will kick your ass then demand thanks for serving the community.  He most likely has a morbidly obese wife and 6 shitty kids. He's probably prior military but most likely did not have a combat job. He was left feeling inadequate by his uneventful military service and now has a serious god complex fueled by his insecurities and perceived authority. He is the uber-statist. 

These folks in Utah are being ridiculous. Silly citizen and your silly rights. Comparing BLM law enforcement agents to the Gestapo or troops in a war zone is simply asinine. Simply asinine. There's just no comparison there. No comparison at all.
Anyone who would make such a comparison has never experienced life under a totalitarian regime or been in a war zone. Hmmmmmm... Secondly, the complaint about the weapons carried by BLM agents is dishonest and hypocritical. BLM agents carry the exact same gear used by local law enforcement in Utah. If he could only grasp that that's the fucking point.I don't doubt that these sheriffs have had poor experiences with the BLM in the past. But the complaints as described in this article are juvenile and sound suspiciously like political pandering. Yes, juvenile. Simply juvenile.

This is the flat earther. A SWAT team could show up at his house, kill his dog in front of his children and he would still give them the benefit of the doubt. He has no real opinion. All he knows is that an uncomfortable feeling comes over him when he hears something that goes against his state worship. He will tow the line to prevent cognitive dissonance at all costs. He is dumb, but he is dangerous. 

Not every agency needs a SWAT team. Alright, something we can agree on. Those BLM people need to stick with enforcing the laws in territory they control. Shit, here we go. If things get out of hand, call in the local team be it Sheriff or State. Oppression is so much nicer when you know the person stepping on your throat. Not some faceless bureaucratic.  When you have an agency like BLM showing up like the way did in this incident , it makes things worse. Sending a SWAT team for a non violent, victimless crime? Seems status quo. The Branch Davidian in (W)Aco incident is still seared in people's minds. Mass murder perpetrated by the government on live TV tends to stick with some people. A lot of innocent children burned alive in that Federal fiasco. Yes they did.  It's this kind of incidents that set off the nut jobs out there. Let me get this straight. Because the idea of men, women and children being burnt alive by our government disturbs me, I'm a lunatic?
 Incidents like this keep showing the erosion of the Tenth Amend. U.S.A! U.S.A! There are too many troublesome things going in our country. But I'm totally cool with bar-b-que'n a few toddlers. So moist and tender. I don't like the direction we are heading, it is down right scary. Scary like a run away government with unlimited policing powers cooking humans live with Bobby Flay?

This guy is so confused he doesn't know which way is up. I would say this guy probably has every Bill O'reilly and Sean Hannity book ever produced. Its probably safe to say his Ann Coulter collection has sticky pages. He speaks in Fox News talking points. He knows there is something terribly wrong in the world, but he cant bring himself to recognize that its state worshipers like him that are the problem. He is fine with violence as long as it fits into his belief system. He drinks heavily to deal with his confusion. He means well but is terribly misguided.

The three profiles I gave you are three very common personalities in the world of law enforcement. You can find them at any department in the nation.These are the people they groom for leadership positions. Very rarely will you find a career officer in a supervisory position that doesn't exhibit some combination of the traits I've talked about above. 

Let me know if you liked the article in the comment section. Wanted to try something different today and I had a good time putting it together. Requests for future topics and questions are welcomed as well. 


  1. Keep doing what your doing. I just found your blog through another site, we need to have police whether current or formal who serviced with integrity. This article was right on par, I would like to see how the system generates money from the most ridiculous law such as speeding, I recently read an article how private prisons now have contracts that guarantee a 90%+ fill at all times, which means judges will make sure there are enough convicted criminals.

  2. How common are the type that have no moral illusiion as to what they're doing? The people who don't care about right or wrong, but understand they afe in it for their own desire for power? Or is there usually some belief that they are morally "in the right"?

    1. Great question. I will be answering you in an upcoming post